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Oh my gosh! Everywhere is so hot! How are people surviving this sweltering heat? I wondered as dabbed my forehead and my neck. The five days youth conference ended with a lot of youths in high spirits. I really hoped that the high spirits Will keep them long enough to see their declarations through. I walked out of the hall and I saw everywhere was dark, it was 9pm. Wow we finished so late. While I was lost in thought, I bumped into someone. "Look at where you are going, young lady." I looked up at the sound of the voice and I saw a pair of distinct eyes looking at me, at that point I wished I knew what he was thinking. I ran my eyes through him and absently told him "sorry" and continued walking out. My face lit with Joy when I saw my "supposed" boyfriend. "Supposed" in quote because I was still hoping he will ask me out. I felt eyes at my back even as I sauntered towards my would-be-boyfriend.
"Hi beautiful. I saw you talking to him." Martin, my supposed would be boyfriend said.
"Oh, that's Henry, the new guy in town. We are friends." The youth president Paul said and I looked back and saw the new guy looking at me with a thoughtful look. Well what do I care? The look didn't make me uncomfortable just left me wondering as I left the premises with Martin and Paul.

Few days later, I got a call from an unsaved number, I picked and it was Henry, the new guy in town.
"Hello, my name is Henry and I got your contact from Paul. Can I see you this evening after work?"
Why does he want to see me after work? Anyways my schedule is crazy, I don't even have a space for him but I can make a space for Martin if he says the magic words.
"I am sorry Henry, I am too busy for any extra times for now."
"Alright, but I would love to talk to you in your free time, just let me know when."
"Okay, bye." I was lost in thoughts for a while.
From that day onwards, Henry called to check on me. While my supposed would be boyfriend was crítical and dripping with sarcasm, Henry was attentive and supportive. But what do I know? I was half in love with my supposed would be boyfriend.
To crown it all, Henry said that no matter what happens we are going to be friends forever. It was ridiculous because we are barely friends now and forever is a long time.

One fateful day, I was at work and I started having serious stomach upset and diarrhea. What did I eat? I couldn't leave the toilet because I was constantly stooling. I called Martin, he laughed me off and said I should figure what to do out besides he was too busy to get me an anti-diarrheal drug. His office complex was a walking distance from mine. I didn't know who to call to help. I thought of Henry, but we are not even close. Well, I called him.
"Valerie, give me 10 minutes and I will take a cab to get to you with the drugs. If possible I will see if I can shake some tables so you go home. It's almost closing hours anyways."
"Thank you Henry."
Before I knew what was happening, I heard someone knock on the door of the convenience. "Hi Val, I got your drugs. I will wait for you to take it and hail a cab for you. I called your boss and he gave the go ahead for you to go home."

I was speechless, I couldn't believe he went out of his way like this after all the hard times I gave him, yet my supposed would be boyfriend left me outside to hang and dry.