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Stanley stood on the side and watched the commotion about who paid for the field trip and who didn't pay. Everyone wanted to board the bus yet they couldn't pay on time for appropriate arrangements. He watched his assistant at loss on what to do to salvage the situation. He saw her on the verge of tears as people shouted from every side.
"Now everyone shut up!" Stanley shouted as he had enough of the noise.
"We gave you people enough time to pay for this trip so we can make appropriate arrangements. Now we don't have sufficient space for everyone. So if you know you paid from the first day of announcement to two days ago come to my right. Remember, my assistant has the list." Stanley made sure everyone was on the bus in no time and others found their way to the site.
Stanley watched his assistant Claire blow air out of her mouth in relief. He knew managing these people was a huge task but well, what's done is done unless she wants to quit. He shuddered at the thought of her quitting, that was when he saw her. The lady on Jean jacket and Jean trousers, he had to notice. She was talking to the young man beside her with full joy shining from her eyes. The quick jealousy he felt surprised Stanley and he deliberately turned his face away. After a while, he felt a tug and he turned, their eyes met, he felt a flutter in the location of his heart. Does love at first sight exist? Stanley wondered, probably beauty struck at first sight.
The field trip was his best so far as he found himself close to the young lady. She had a sense of humor that he found himself laughing at her ridiculous stories and jokes. You would think they were taking pre-wedding shots from the pictures they took. After the field trip, he turned to get her contact, she was gone and he had only her first name, Rachel.

-Victoria Ukpaka