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Dead by deed

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Coming home to a disorganized Verandah, an untidy living room and a messy kitchen was not a perfect way to end a busy day at all, especially for Mary, a grade school teacher who loved her job.
The sun was down and the day, retreating for the night to settle, Mary pulled into the driveway in her old Peugeot 505. As she drew closer to the door at the entrance, the twisted branch of her plant, Herbie, caught her attention and she took a bend for an adjustment. The living room was untidy, it was like a Children reunion had just happened in her small house. Baby clothes and diapers hanging all over the place, toys lying on the floor, and a variety of candies she had not seen before, decorated her tiled floor. 'What happened here', she thought. Well, there's only one way to find out..'Tom..!', That was her husband and the only reason he was home at that time was because he recently got retrenched from the advertising company he worked with. 'Hey honey, you're back!',
The clowny look of her husband forced her to a sarcastic laughter. 'What happened here?... And is that underwear on your head?', she laughed some more. A stressed Tom drew by the living room, in his chocolate stained shirt and crayon painted face. 'I thought you were gonna use the extra room alone for the day care?', She asked, her eyes traveling the room in seconds. 'Well, we started with the room but, you know children, they can not just stay in a place', He chuckled, trying to be funny but it wasn't working, Mary's face was getting tensed up and it seemed she was saddened by the look of the house. 'Honey, you know, I just thought I could bring kids together again and enjoy time with them, like with the twins', He said, sitting her down with his hands cupping her cheeks. 'I know baby, I understand how you feel... And i miss them too' Tears started to form in her eyes, 'i can't believe we are not gonna see those two again', She continued. Tom decided to be the man in this conversation, so he pushed Mary towards him and gave her a soothing hug.'Sickle cell disease took them from us', Mary said,in between her tears as Tom concluded, 'We could have saved them but we didn't, at least before they were born'.

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