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Going back to school is becoming impossible for me now. After loosing my school fees in a bet9ja shop, I could only wish I never learnt to play  virtual games. Don't condemn me yet till you read my story. 


My name is Samuel, a 200 level Student of Mechanical Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). 

It all began on a Friday morning. 


I was in my room playing my play station since it was a lecture free day, when Mike entered the room and asked me to accompany him to sky's shop so he could play his weekend game. I wore my shirt and tagged along. He played his game and started playing virtual sports. He was winning so I was tempted to ask him how to play it. He explained the basic concept and even lent me two thousand naira to play mine and to my surprise, I also made some gain. With the proceeds of my winnings I sorted out some pending needs. 


I started playing virtual sports and making some gains. There were also days that I lost all my money but I was determined to recover, and alas, that became the biggest mistake I would make in the long run. 


A month after I started my new found means of income, my school fees was sent to me and since I was broke and had no other money, I decided to take out of my school fees and invest in virtual sports. 

My first try was disastrous as I lost 50% of the money. I was devastated but a spirit within me was telling me to stake the other half so I could recover all my money back and pay my school fees. I had to go to the bank and withdraw the rest. I knew it was a matter of life and death. Lol.

During the course of my staking, I made some gains but it wasn't enough to cover the lost money and that's when I decided to stake all I had with me to recover all at once, but to my biggest surprise and shock, all my money went to the wind. 



I didn't even know where to start. I couldn't even call home because I knew my parents would have borrowed to send me the money. I was confused and devastated. I went into depression and sickness set in. I was even admitted to the hospital for a week. I got better but still at loss on what step to take. 


My parents found out about my escapade and said it was over for my schooling. Right now, I am at a crossroad. What should I do? What's next for me?


I should have listened to my roommate who warned me about my escapades. He told me virtual sports was like chasing shadows. If only I had listened.




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