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Divided Heart

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A divided heart is a split, separated and disunited soul, innocently disturbed constitently and of a sustained brutal confussion. She read this aloud from the cover page of a book in the Santo's library Ventures and heaved a brief sigh... The memories of the day before that saturday was a total mess! if only i knew it won't walk out as planned she sobberd, Alana is a 19years old child of a rich widower, she never get a no for whatever she wanted, of course you wouldn't expect an only child to be well cultured and mannerd.

It was friday and the cool morning at that, reports and rumours spread across the New Delhi (national capital of india) that a mini-ocean wave formed a crying human image in a gifi... four white cafteened old men were reported to have made a perfect meaning to the phenomenon as the people present at the shore posted with a live inspiring image of it. Alana drop the news paper and made for the ocean bluttering the say of -seeing is believing- she board a cab and made her way to the venue without futher thought. Her father is a royal shiplord (captain) and has gone out to a sea excursion with the city's cabinet cancels in respect of the sick king, Alana's uncle..
She knew how they hated her father, for in that royal ship? another ship master was there for an assignment, so did her father told her. This is all confusing (she mutterd in a brief giggle), finally she saw the 4-old white men walking up towards her, you must be Shaikr Alana? oh yes i am... Ok we have to speak with you my daughter, please come. As they approach a seat close by, she smartly put "two and two together" and screamed with tears: old men! will you let go of me? where is my father? let me go you blood sucking white fools! she shouted with tears rolling in pairs as she kept struggling from one of them while they tried to calm her down and get her updated, but hey! she pushed the old weak man away and made for the security house close to the beach lunch room about 23feets from the bare beach. After the receptionist got an arogant question from her, she recognized the surviver's face immediately on hers. Oh my dear child.. are you Shaikr's? she ignored her question and walked in to the health room dept. A man dressed on white apron who recognized her walked up to her and said.... Mr Shaikr the only surviving god in the shipreck is in comma, you have to come here in the next two weeks to see if the new cancels allows you to see their new king because he has been transferd to the national house of health to be given the best treatment, he sent the white old city elders to you before he lost himself, did you not see them? They claim they musn't allow anyone else know about it exept you that it was a very important news! She stood lost and blurted.. but the king is sick and my father is not the king! The doctor smiled and said, Mr. Shaikr is the new empire or havn't you heard the old king your uncle is dead? having heard the plot made by his late chiefs against your father and how the godess of the ocean saved the king your father? Don't look at me as if you're lost young lady! it was allover the..allover the papers early this morning or do i say you did not finish reading the article?

All this she heard and her heart broke to two, but first. she fainted! Waking up in her ward, of all she had heard? she could not figure out what to think or go for at first.. Do you say her jeweld father? the four old men she coursed? or the death of her kind uncle?

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