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Darkness invade the
descended light, it chased it to its cave and continue it reign. I knew down inside soon a cloud shall creep in, then give us light from the little the moon absorbed from the sun.

I ran my eyes through the things in my sister's apartment. "This is one of the reasons I hate school visit." She had abruptly told me earlier they don't go out when it's dark, the school is full of cultist. Rumours have it that gangs of students stay awake every night, looking for another helpless student to rape, but I'm pressed. "what do I do?" I thought for awhile gazing at the little rubber in the corner of the room. I had earlier informed Zeenat that the rubber might be too small to contain my urine but she won't listen. I gripped the faint torch in the bed, this time the urine already passed from the kidney to the ureter. I can feel my abdomen boiling. As I rushed to pull down my skirt, I felt a drop in my pant then hurriedly I took the rubber and firmly placed it on my passage way. The urine came with an unexplainable speed when I finally let it.
My thumb finger caught a touch with the urine in the rubber, "My God, there is still more inside but the rubber is already filled." I cried inwardly.

"Sister Zeenat the rubber is filled, the urine is still coming." I said aloud as she jumped up.
"Hey, don't piss in my room."
She shouted as she grabbed her door key as I tried hard to pull the urine back in. The door cracked open then I rushed out and relieved myself outside.

It felt like a full well finally emptied, I returned to found my sister in sober.
Looking down, I saw the ground wet, suddenly I remembered I hit something while rushing outside. "God... The urine in the rubber" I exclaimed as I attempted to run out but she held my shirt and pulled me back.

©Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi

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