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Victoria Ukpaka
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Dear pain,

How are you and how do you do?
Am sorry if I am doing things that brings you.
Its like I can't do anything right anymore.
Am an option B to a lot of things,
And this hurts a lot.
I also chose people who don't chose me.
Am beginning to choke some of them
You are the only one I feel so much now.
The only friend to the end!
Faithful one!
You have been punctuating my life.
I want happiness too though,
You just too faithful.
You never complain.
No matter how I bug you
You come around
Its funny how I want you to go away so much.
But what you have is what you treasure.

Me to a faithful enemy.

©Agnes Omayioza Yusuf

I will stand and rise like an edifice,
From your shackles.
I have lived in reality of the pain you fed me,
Yet I see no physical scars.
My heart bears the mark,
My mind bears the images.
Yet I will rise and break out.
I have lain for too long,
Feeding from the droplets
That never really satisfy,
Yet left me hungry for more.
I might never be your option A,
But I will be my Option A.
You will never choose me,
I will choose me instead.
You are stronger because I never knew my strength,
But now I do, I will walk away from you.
You will watch me walk,
You will be unable to stop me.
Because I have found me,
I will walk free.

©Victoria Ukpaka


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Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu
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This is supposed to be a collabo, right? The first one was rather conclusive; it didn't give room for continuity, especially with the way it ended. There are also structural errors. Avoid using abbreviations (e.g., 'am' in place of 'I'm').

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