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Plantains, omelette, sandwiches, salad, rice of different varieties and I chose beans as my favourite. I see the 'i don't do beans' kind of people and I feel for them. They really don't know the sort of protein they are missing.

How do I explain my love for beans? I once told a friend the easiest way to make me commit suicide is to poison a pot filled with beans in my presence. God knows I won't resist.

Okay, that was a little bit out of line. Let me take you through my encounter with mystique beans.

I am not a food monger, I don't just like being hungry. I woke up in the middle of the night hungry and i proceeded to the kitchen to scavenge for food. I was unfortunate as I couldn't even acquire a cup of 'garri'. I could hear my stomach protesting, mumbling some incoherent words. Disappointed and hungry, I went to bed hoping I could meet the first light after one snore.

I didn't have to wait for my nostrils to make those sounds, my silent prayer was answered. Food was served; beans soaked in red oil. Hunger wouldn't allow me call God to investigate, I ate my food hastily. When I was done, I laid a complaint to my provider that the beans tagged neither bread nor garri. I was hoping for an apology, then I woke up.

It was a dream. I laughed as I remembered I was still in the village. "Witches and wizards, may you never run out of ingredients." I said before going back to sleep.


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