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'Beauty with Brains'

This phrase perfectly suited Tolu Adenuga, a first-class graduate, and masters Degree-holder of University of Ibadan in Linguistics and Communication Studies.

She worked with a famous TV station as a Presenter. Right from infancy, talking had been her all she enjoyed doing, little wonder she loved her job and worked with relish.
This qualities, tinged with the Queen's English accent, propelled Mr Fedrick to offer her an employment opportunity on a platter on their first meeting.

"Your English is heavenly!" Mr Fedrick blurted in admiration.

"Oh, thank you Sir." She beamed. "I also speak French, German and Spanish."

"Wonderful! Congratulations, you start work tomorrow." Mr Fedrick said extended his right arm.

Since then, she has worked in different capacities at Jewwls' Communication House. It had taken her around the world. She had become a veteran TV presenter. Over the years, she has received and have been nominated for numerous awards and, in no time, became the Head of Operations.

She has several houses and lots of luxury, but something remain which she didn't have. A husband. Thus kept her unhappy.

Yesterday was her 39th birthday. The birthday SMSes and phone calls, gifts and cards from friends and family, didn't do a good job at making her happy. She was only a few years away from menopause, this made her if all the men went on exile. Or maybe they were scared of proposing marriage to her.

After being in and out of several relationships, luck seemed an enemy.
Men complained she was infatuated with her career and job, and couldn't think of anything else.

Temitope, her twin sister, has been married for 14 years with 4 amazing kids and still ran her big supermarket effective regardless of being a mother.

She was ashamed of herself, attending events around town with a wedding ring on her finger. She'd always lie of how she had a silent court wedding with her lover, whom she claimed lived outside the country.

Hers was a tale of heart numbing tragedies.

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This work is good. Carries a real interesting story and nice style of writing. Keep it up.

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upping your Chances for Love

The high quality ones are taken, Jennifer lamented. Nobody to date even if I lower my expectations. I mean it not like I purchasing a [url= ]moldova dating sites[/url] guy to ride in on a white horse and sweep me off my feet. I just like to meet a nice guy with a decent job and a humorousness. Is that too much money to ask? are aware of you mean, Her relative Sarah commiserated. Feels like all the guys where I work seem to be paired up or they are simply not dating material. get real, I not going out with a guy whose idea of a nice date is Taco Bell and video games. Three weeks within the, I went on that hike with First Church and ended up being some cute guys in the group. I ended up talking to one of them most of the hike and then he asked me to have a cup of coffee with him when we got back to the church. i believe he a nice guy, But I don even know if he looked at that a date or what? He texted me a couple of times since, But was it just an amiable thing or what? Little exchange between friends is echoed in one form or another countless times between singles every place. if truth be told, It one of the top complaints that personals lament: looking for date is hard.

the reality Finding a DateBut could this really be true? With 90 million singles for the majority of, will it be that the good ones are taken near you? extremely unlikely. while using American Association for Single People, An vast majority has emerged in most major cities, in several states. in point of fact, almost all households in the nation are headed by unmarried adults. as a consequence, do you know of singles are complaining about not finding a date?

if truth be told, Let get this more personal. Consider your position. If you were to make a list of all risks of bydureon people to date in your social circles right now, How long would it not be? Can you list a dozen eligible people you take into account dating? a nice hyourlf dozen? Or lots of people are, like most single adults, Having a tough time finding a significant list of potential people to date?

the issue is, definitely, Is not that there are not other compatible, hot, cool, good times, And the best singles to date they are more plentiful than ever. the catch is that most singles just don know where to find them.

That where dating online comes in. no time before has the single community had such an effective and powerful tool for increasing their chances of not just finding a date, But a serious romantic match somebody who is highly compatible and a potential Dozen Dates in the Same Room?consider it this way: imagin if, within the next 24 hours, You could be in a room with a dozen or so eligible and compatible singles of a potential partner? And you could meet with them one on one? These would be people who not only share very own values, But have a great deal that resembles you.

And what if you would easily interact with all of the single people in this room to learn a bit about who they are not just their preferences, But their individuality? it's possible you'll explore, for example, How you share humorousness. And what if you knew that each of them was just as interested as you are in finding a person to date? No sleuthing or uncertainty involved. They wouldn be in this room if they were not trying love.

Would you considering finding a room like this? if you'd rather most, achieve their fitness goals. What single person wouldn Entering this room would instantly and dramatically enhance your chances for finding a date worth keeping. And that exactly what dating online does for you and your love life. Let say this precisely: your chances of meeting compatible singles are hugely increased by dating online.

the reasons? Because a competent online dating site literally brings the single population to you. Finding a date no longer makes a scavenger hunt with your heart. You simply consider the various options that are literally at your fingertips. Your computer keyboard is all that stands between you and finding a date.

Expanding Your Dating HorizonsAfter too much dissatisfaction and defeat with the classical dating route, Or absence thereof, Jennifer finally gave into dating online. Eventually knew I had little to lose and a lot to gain. also, I wanted to stop dealing with blurred lines, She asserted. sick and tired with asking: We good? Or are we personals? using the web, I can do three dates a week with three different guys if i have to. In my typical life, I don talk about I even meet three new guys in a week, Let alone a single guy that might like to date me. Also learned that dating online allows her to set her own parameters on whether she would choose consider finding a date outside of her hometown. She decided that an hour and a half drive was a small price to pay for not just finding a date, But the love of her life. And that where exactly she found him. Todd, A manager of a sales team for a prescription drug company, Had never visited the Jennifer town before he met her online. But as Jennifer eventually considered that, Got until both of our cars could almost drive that stretch of highway between our homes automatically. Point is that whether you live in a large city or the suburbs, Dating online helps you to expand your dating horizons and, as a result, Your chances for finding true love. obviously, There have been countless couples living in the uk from each other, excluding living across town, Who would have never found each other had it not been for internet dating.

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