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A Ghost Feeling

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It's sickening, so eerie 

This weird feeling that makes me want to go crazy 

Hidden in absolute nothingness with no significance, 

Coated in inexplicability 

It contours me into an insane replica 

Insane with a sane defining 

Metaphysically a trance in similitude,

I stand staring into ghost space 

And here it comes, 

Strange voices from every angle 

with various pitches in high resonance, 

encloses my ears in an echo chamber 

Looking all around me, 

everything seems to be happening so fast 

Snatching away my thoughts, a past act replays itself continually in my head 

My mind is in a seizure 

Drowning in fright, I'm trembling inside of me 

My eyes, 

the window to my mind has got nothing to show to the real world 

As a silent guest it comes 

Chewing deep with ease 

Injecting in me its feverish selfish grief 

Tearing me down bit by bit 

No one can hear my cries 

nor can any read my fears 

It is visible to no other but me 

It is a ghost feeling 

And it's killing me!!!

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