Fast money, slow pain  


Victoria Ukpaka
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22/08/2019 8:05 pm  

7:30 am at Mr Manuel's house.
Marv stepped out of his room into the sitting room.
Mr Manuel: Marvis Manuel where do you think you are going to?
Marv: (He wasn't expecting to his dad, he usually lives for work before 7:00 am. His heart started beating rapidly.) Dad? Good morning Dad.
Mr Manuel: (Ignored the greeting) First of all, when was the last time you went to school?
Marv: Dad, I... I...
Mr Manuel: I never knew you stammer Marvis Manuel in all the 18 years you were born.
Marv: Dad I... Let me explain
Mr Manuel: Don't Dad me. In a few months and you will be 19. Do you know that some of your mates are done with the university? You finished secondary school since you were 14, yet it's been a problem to get you to continue school. It's not like you are not book smart, why you choose to waste the time you have befuddles me really. You think you have all the time in the world right? Wait till you are my age and you will know what I am saying.
Marv: Dad, it's not my fault that I lost the zeal to go to school. I want to make money like yesterday.
Mr Manuel: shut up! What do you know about making money? Fine! If you want to make money like yesterday, share how you want to do that? I am all ears. If you have a good idea now, I will support you. But before then, you will repair my Jeep that you took out with your friends and I won't give you a penny for it. You can start taking responsibility for your actions from now.

Mr Manuel stood up and walked out of the house.
Marv: Gosh! What will I do now? I thought he will not find out till find a way to fix it? I need money like yesterday so I can repair his car for him. How will I do it? I need to prove that I am now a man. But how? Emex will lend me some money, let me look for him.

7:45 Marv calls Emex it went to voicemail.
Voicemail: Emex is not available, leave a message
Marv: Guy, I need your help. I need money, I have some issue to tidy up. I will pay back. That deal you offered me before is it still up? We need to talk. Money must be made.

Few days later, Mr Manuel went to bail his son from the police.


Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu
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25/08/2019 9:43 am  

You wrongfully posted this in Week 2. We're in Week 3! 😊 

Moreover, the piece needs a lot of editing. 

Victoria Ukpaka
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25/08/2019 4:04 pm  

Oh well... Thank you sir. What an oversight. Next week loading!