The Legend of Kunta  


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(In the compound of Famous General Kunta, the great warrior of Kwate kingdom, all the villagers have gathered to say their prayers as he leads the Soldiers to the battle before them,as is his off jxxhkn ft... He is now face to face with the love of his life-Pamela, who is now teary eyed)

Kunta: My love..(His eyes fixed on hers as his hand is firmly locked with hers)
Pamela: (she wipes a tear off her eyes) Kunta, the only one that owns my heart, you know I don't want you to leave me here..
Kunta: shh( he interrupts, his first finger now on Pamela's lips) I know...and I don't want to either, but I have to go.. for the people
Pamela: (smiles briefly) for the people.. alright then, my safe(she hugs him tight and whispers their usual phrase).. My heart is with you...
Kunta: (Completes the phrase) ... So, I need you to survive (the hug lasted for about two minutes before Alayo, his servant interrupted their moment)
Alayo: My Lord, the horses are set(peeping to see what was going on)
Kunta: So what?( Turns to face him) should I then buy clothes for them? Stupid thing, you never use your manners....(turns to face Pamela)... My Love, I have to go now... I love you
Pamela: Go..o....dbye!(waves in response, struggling to pronounce her word, the remaining villagers waved too snf dispersed

(In the decision tent of the Iguana kingdom, the general, Alaya, is seen drawing lines on a map and deliberating with the general Kamura of Makata kingdom, one of the enemy kingdoms of Kwate kingdom)

General Alaya: Kunta will know what it means to be stabbed in the back,he thinks himself wise, to have thought us fools( he then sits on a wooden chair in the tent)
General Kamura: Ahah... He thinks the battle is on the field, we shall truly show him where the battle field really is
General Alaya: Exactly what I was saying before! (Jumps from his chair in excitement) alright, this is how we shall go about it..( his fingers ran through his brown hair and then bends over to whisper some statements to general Kamura)
General Kamura: Brilliant idea, my friend...(he looks straight at the wall and only his lips began to move)... Kunta underated us, now he will pay( he burst out in evil laughter, General Alaya joins in.)


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This is awesome

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