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[ The outskirts of the the big town, a renowned make it or break it site for teenage lovers. Ife rested against the tree, evidently restless. She waited.]

[Ayo appeared, he looked handsome yet wearied like a burden man. The emotions were intense, there were no pleasantries ]

Ayo: What was that about?

Ife: you ask? It was the litmus test

Ayo: Since when did I became a chemical substance? Ahh!

Ife: you proved to be false

Ayo: I never told you a lie

Ife: O really? A liar always deny

Ayo:There's nothing to be denied....

[At every point of vindicating himself, Ayo often falls back to silence, a large part of him being unknown ]

Ife: You're just a cheat. You don't deserve my love, my strength and heart you wasted.

[Tears flowed freely from her eyes, she couldn't listen well]

Ayo: Didn't I cared for you?

Ife: who knows if you cared for others! You made me feel bad. You're annoying.

[Ayo stands up and walked away dejected and disappointed ]
[Ife screamed after him]

Ife: I loved you, a coward!


[A table is set with three chairs. The Coach dressed in a suit and had an old-school haircut. Ife sat opposite to Ayo]

Coach: Ife, do you love Ayo?

Ife: Yes but I'm not....

Coach: cuts in...That's enough

Coach :Ayo, do you love Ife?

Ayo :Yes I do Sir.

Coach: so we love each other. Ife what test did you perform?

Ife: I added him on facebook with with an unknown account and chatted continually like a friend.

Coach : And then?

Ife: I asked through this account if there's someone he loved

Coach: what was his response to this stranger?

Ife: He told me he doesn't love me. That was when I divulged my identity and he was shocked.

Coach:What was his exact response to this stranger

Ife: He didn't mention my name as his love. He denied me.

Coach : Ayo, do you love her?

Ife: Yes I do Sir

Coach : Ife he really loves you and I'm a witness.

Ife: Ahh, Sir but he denied me

Coach :Because he didn't mention your name to a stranger doesn't mean he didn't love you or he's having an affair, it is unwise for guys to reveal the identity of his lover to a facebook stranger. You had a good intention but your test was flawed.

Ife: Sir, but....

Coach : That's why I asked him again, I'm a witness if you're ever in doubt of his love.

Ife: I see

[Emotions became intense, it was like the table disappeared, Ife rose and hugged Ayo passionately, she was sorry for her impetuousness and he was sorry for been unable to explain himself ]

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