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Victoria Ukpaka
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If I let go,
Will I retain my sanity?
If I move on,
Will I sustain my immunity?
If I leave you,
I hope my heart stays intact.
If I let go,
Nothing will remain the same,
So I live for today.

If I hold on,
Will my dignity remain?
If I keep the love aflame,
Will it remain mine only to feel?
If I stir the coals,
Will the fire burn in my bosom?
If I hold on,
I hope it becomes worth it.
So I go forth for today.

So what do I say?
We have the dawn till sunset.
We have the seconds until we say goodbye.
It's not the hours that count,
But the moments in the hours.
Whether I let go,
Even if I hold on,
I will treasure the laughter,
I will save the tears,
Till we part and ride on wings of destiny.

On that day,
When we awake on the other side of reality,
Will I remember?
Will I forget what I wished to remember?
I hope to keep the memories of dawn
And forget the thoughts of sunset.
We lived for the day,
When the night comes,
The heart will make its call.

Victoria Ukpaka

Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu
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Very nice! The first line of the poem 'If I let go' would have made a more suitable title though. 

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