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How crazy it is to wake up wanting you,
Just to get lost in tracing the contours of your lips with mine,
Roving hands travel round our body,
Drawing ourselves in till our heat mixes as one.
Let me get drunk on your kisses.

Can we steal kisses why we work?
Distract me with a nip at my neck.
Wrap your arms around me, and sway to the music in our hearts,
Leave a peck on my cheek as you go back to work.
Can we have a tale of romance, only us will tell?

Maybe I will write you the letter of expression...
When I let go, I feel the fire course through me...
How it draws me in like a vampire seeking blood...
I want to savor all the glorious feeling...
I remember, oh sense oh sense had to return.

We can burn down the walls with our heat...
You draw me like a moth to a flame.
Did you hear what the spider said to the fly?
Come into my parlor, I won't harm you...

Like a moth, I am drawn to your flame,
Don't burn, keep warm.
Let the chemistry sizzle,
Let our sparkle light the skies,
As we get lost in the tumbles of limbs on sheets.
Like a moth, I can never miss your flame.

Don't be my addiction...
I know you are used to this kind of fascination...
Your nature is alluring...
So I sit on resistance...
Oh! I hear the whisper, come hither...


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