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Did you make a wish?

Was it a silent plea? 

Or did you set about
announcing to everyone?
Who knows, who might don
the Santa's hat.

Did you stay mute?
was it plainly stupid
to voice those thought out?
Did you sneer at yourself
for thinking them,
or sigh with longing for them?

Are you anxious for the season
to run its course?
Let's be done with it, already!
Does your heart shrink at
the happiness plastered on
everyone's face?
Does it irk you to exchange
pleasantries that leaves behind
a sour taste and an aching heart?

Are you holed up in your room?
Are your ears shut to the world?
Are you burried deep in your duvet?
Are your cheeks still tears stained?
Does your bossom heave with sobs at the
hopelesness of your fate?

Maybe some day,
It won't ache this much,
Maybe some day,
The chasm would no longer,
be an unending gap.
Maybe some day,
You won't mind so much.
But right now,
A day at a time,
is a go.


©Nasa CF

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