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Christmas Fever

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25th of December is always the best day of the year for me. It was few days to Christmas when I started doing a person-to-person campaign.

"Ah! David, how this year Christmas go be now? Hope say una chicken don arrive?" I asked playfully.

"Person never know oo. State Government no gree give my salary fah," David replied.

"No worry yourself, if chicken no show, nah to fry fish and boil kpomo," I tried to cheer him up the way I could.

"Baba, Christmas without chicken just be like normal day to me," he said.

"So, you wan tell me say nah once a year you dey chop chicken? Thunder sound you for that kine lie," I said.

David laughed and promised to give me a call on Christmas Eve if everything turned out fine.

I didn't want to rely fully on David's promise, I decided to meet more of my Christian friends. I strolled past Julian before jolting to a stop.

"You know say I no bin see your brake light last Christmas bah?" I said to her.

"You don't know what you are talking about. Didn't I tell you to come to my house?" She replied.

"Nah today I know say you wicked. Make I come your house so that your go use me do Christmas goat bah?" I asked.

"What are you talking about? That my father is a military man doesn't mean he's cruel." She tried to defend her father.

"Thank you! If you like, glorify your papa from now till tomorrow, I no go enter una house. Just put my food for cooler. I go call if I reach una gate."

Christmas arrived and I decided to make a quick stop at Julian's house before heading to David's. He had called me on the eve of Christmas as promised. I was happier than he was when he told me his dad got two chickens and a he-goat. I called Julian as soon as I got to the gate and she told me she was on her way out.

The gate opened and standing in front of me was her father. My heart jumped from my chest and I began to stammer.

"Goo good morning, Sir. Merry Christ...mas, Sir."

Julian's father laughed and replied; "At ease boy! My daughter told me to come get you. She's kind of busy with food."

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, "soldier dey run errand for im pikin," I thought. I let out a smile before following him inside.

Julian sighted me and said with a smile, "I see you've met with my father." She ushered me to a seat and placed a plate of "mountain-like" rice in front of me. In a separate plate were large chunk of meats swimming in a red pool. I called David and told him to put my food in a flask. I stylishly unbuckled my belt before I descended on the food.

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