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The noise and shouts woke her up, she knew immediately that they have come for her. Looking at her bedside clock she saw the time, 3:30 am, but she didn't realize that they will come in the early hours of the morning, she didn't realize that her life will catch up with her.

Immediately, she tapped her companion on the bed but he murmured something unintelligibly, she left him and started pulling on jeans trouser that had been earlier forgotten in the throes of passion. Before she could pull on a blouse over her negligee she felt her apartment shake as the door fell off its hinges.

She became surrounded by an angry mob consisting of both men and women. She was dragged and she was pulled down the staircase. At some point she lost track of which part of her anatomy got hit or felt bruised she felt things fall on her. At this point she was grateful for the jeans, her knees would have been chafed, and she barely tried to protect her face from the onslaught. Then she allowed her mind to concentrate on what they were shouting, she heard “prostitute” “whore” “bitch” and other derogatory adjectives that made her flinch on the inside. At a point, she wondered how far they had dragged her. When she thought she couldn’t bear the pain any longer; she felt them stop as someone abruptly pushed her aside. The force of it made her see stars, nausea and bile rose in her throat. Then she heard a voice speak;

‘What’s going on?’ the voice asked, she couldn't see the face, her sight still blurred from sand mixed with blood.

Someone answered, ‘she was caught in the act of adultery. She is an adulterous woman!’

Then the voice said again with a tinge of amusement, ‘she was caught in adultery all by herself? I thought it takes two to tango.’ Someone answered, this time around a woman, ‘she sleeps with every Tom, Dick and Harry, so she must die.’ The woman said in self-righteous disgust.

By this time, the accused woman on the ground could see the man who seem now like her saviour, he had a calm demeanour, a serenity about him that made her long for something she couldn’t put a name on; peace? Forgiveness? Love? A new life?

The man looked at all of them, taking in their looks of rage and self-righteous fury and said to them,

‘If any of you feel or think that he or she have never sinned or done anything wrong be the first to cast a stone’. He paused for a moment, and closed his eyes briefly. Within a couple of minutes everyone dispersed filled with indignation. He opened his eyes, seeing them all gone he said to her, ‘Mary, neither do I condemn you, go your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more, start afresh and live.’

Then Mary knew she has met her saviour.


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A good parody of 'The adulterous woman' from biblical times... You need to be consistent with the use of tenses. Decide which you wish to use and stick with it.