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(It's been months now and the resilient Donald has not stopped disturbing beautiful, curvy and never yielding Jane whose virginity status has been rumored positive. He's one of the most direct of all the guys that has ever approached her.


(It was the beginning of first semester, 300 level, he walked up to her asking to speak with her).


Donald: Hello Jane, how are you.


Jane: I am fine Donald, how can I help you? (She said still looking away)


Donald: You seem upset, I am sorry for calling unawares.


Jane: Just tell me what you want.


Donald: I will be confortable with your face like that.


(He stretched his hands to tickle her, which she quickly slapped off)


Jane: What are you trying to do? In fact, we are done here, bye!


Donald: (Holds her hands back gesturing some faint remorse) I am sorry nah, you too dey vex.


(She looked back at him in disgust shaking off his hands)


Jane: Just one last chance, what do you want? Just so we are clear, I won't give you my notes and can't date you.


Donald: Haba! I am also a serious student nah. Well, Jane, I have resolved not to be a play boy anymore, because I hate people toying with my emotions so can't do that to anyone too.


Jane: (Now feeling more disgust for him by her facial expression) You already know I can't date you, repentant or not, so please, can you just get to the point?


Donald: Well, here it is, I am a truthful and straightforward guy so I won't hide my intentions. Jane, I want you to marry me and if that can't work, I want to sleep with you just once. 


Jane: (furious) What?!!!!!! (She says zooming off)


Donald: (Smiling and muttering words) I will sha get you lass lass)



(Jane is sitted with Love, her roommate)


Jane: I am so tired of that boy. (She says after confirming the caller on her ringing phone was Donald) This is the 41th time today.


Love: Na wa ooo, babe, shey you no go give am like this? Shebi na just once.


Jane: Never! Na which kin advise be that one nah. Instead of you to recommend the next person I can report him to.


Love: Sorry O, me. I just wan help. Though, the guy is hot, rich and straightforward. No be all these yeye guys wey get your pant for mind con dey play you wayo.


Jane: Thank you ma. After he has texted me all his bio with that of his father, what else do you want to tell me?


Love: Tor, you see why I was saying he is sincere? Well, no be my business sha. I don dey go lecture. No come late.


Jane: Abeg dey go, I never finish


© Ben James


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Wonderful writing style and message.

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The sire at it! 

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