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Oba Osagiemwenagbon

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Act One Scene One

(The blowing of the flute is heard)

Griot: Ogie Osagiemwenagbon, Ovbi' Ekpen N'Owa, Ikeji Orisa, Agbaghe, N'Ovbi Olokun, the son of the short-fingered man that was still able to kill a lion, Oba ghatto kpere 

(Everyone kneels): Isè....

Oba: (sits on his royal seat) you may rise.

Chief Adesuwa: Oba ghatto kpere

All: Isè

Chief Adesuwa: Ogie, there is a saying that "what is a man without a woman to love and care for him?" Another one says "When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible". Even there is a saying that...

Chief Efosa: (cuts in) Ogie what he is saying is that we are delighted that you want to settle down.

Oba: (nods).

Chief Osasere: Guards bring the properties.  (Several ladies in a file appear, clothe in dirty lion skin).

Oba: (looks up, bends head) The property I want is not here.

Chief Osasere: What! Guards! Why did you not bring all the properties here?

Head Guard: My lord I...

Oba: Let him be. What I meant is that the one I love is not here. Princess Itohan. She is not here, why?

Chief Akakaneno: Ogie, you know the tradition, "no Oba of Benin is allowed to marry from royalties, this is in order to make both parties humble. Also, it is a way of not incurring the god's wrath.

Oba: (annoyed) If subjecting me to visit the dirty laps of these ugly things is tradition, then you better call Akugbe to adjust the tradition.

Chief Adesuwa: Ogie, please understand that tradition cannot be changed.

Oba: You better change it because as we speak princess Itohan is with my child.

All: (Shouts) Ewooooo....

Oba: (amused)

Chief Efosa: Ogie, the only solution is to cleanse the land.

Oba: go ahead. (Stands up) As long as my Itohan is safe.

All: (kneels) Oba ghatto kpere....Isè....

Act One Scene Two

(A pregnant lady with a glowing skin, tanned legs, blind-folded, shattered hair and royal dress is dragged by two guards) 

Chief Osasere: Adesuwa i am not in support ooo, you did not tell the Oba how we intend cleansing the land. (Other chiefs nod in agreement).

Chief Adesuwa: if we did,  you know the Oba would not agree. Let's just play on his words. (Motion for them to stop) Lie her here. (Say some incantation) Give me the sword (in a flash, a head rolls down the hill).

©Joyce Akpan

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