Seeds of Love by Christianah Emmanuel


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Scarred by his past, Louis wasn’t looking for love or hoping to get involved with any woman at all. All the handsome millionaire wanted was a Nanny for his six year old daughter. He had one rule: don’t break any of his rules. When he made the decision to hire the feisty Anabelle, he had no idea what was about to hit his household. He had no idea that she would turn his carefully planned life upside down.

They are both hurting from their past and that very past has kept them stuck. What happens when this unlikely pair meet each other? Will they mend their hearts in the process or will their past pain prevent the seeds of love from springing forth.

Seeds of Love follows the story of Anabelle and Louis as they make the journey towards healing their broken hearts and finding happiness. This unlikely pair will learn to trust their hearts in order to find that which they’ve lost. They will learn the meaning of trust and friendship, their faith will be put to the test, they will learn what it truly means to love and above all they’ll learn to put God first.

Seeds of Love is a story about family, faith, love, friendship, betrayal, pain and hope.


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