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ANSA International Day of Charity Writing Contest

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As we move closer to the International Day of Charity, ANSA invites its members to rethink what it is to do good, to being a humanitarian, to loving your neighbour. 🤟🏾

Who is your neighbour?

ANSA invites its storytellers and poets and digital artists and playwrights to answer this question with their art. 🎨

Submissions should be submitted on or before Tuesday, 5th September 2023. 

Let's come together to honour love in a world that earnestly needs it. 💚🤍💞


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Oh charity! Oh, charity!!
Finding and healing those in need,
Sacrificing your time, money, and precious things,
Only the strong and good ones can give you.

Oh charity! Oh, charity!!
Charity where is your clarity,
The genuine love that can not be measured,
The act that can save
a dying man from the hands of death.

Oh charity! Oh, charity!!
Your intention can not be hidden,
Cause your power is mighty,
Charity is a name, given to a precious soul,
a character possessed by few,
An attitude that brings smiles to others,
An organization run by the one with a large heart
An understanding that settles disputes.

Oh charity! Oh, charity!!
Is it easy to sacrifice your time?
Even a relationship ends when time is not given,
Time is wealth
But charity gives it all without jealousy.

Oh charity! Oh, charity!!
Your love is real,
The purity of it is free from imperfections,
Yet the burden doesn't weigh you down.
You indeed wipe tears from the broken.

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In a world ablaze with endless dreams,

Where borders blur in flowing streams,

Amidst the chaos, the pain, the strife,

Lies the essence of a noble life.


Who is your neighbor, do you inquire?

A question that sets our hearts on fire,

For in its answer, we find the key,

To unlock a world where all are free.


A neighbor is more than just a face,

A presence that time cannot erase,

It's the stranger with burdens unknown,

Whose tears are like seeds that must be sown.


A neighbor is the child's hopeful smile,

Across boundaries, mile by mile,

The elderly hand that seeks a hand,

Uniting souls in this vast land.


In the tapestry of life, we're bound,

By threads of love that can be found,

In every act of selflessness,

In every hand stretched out to bless.


To be a humanitarian, a guiding light,

Is to fight for what's just and right,

To bridge the gaps, to heal the pain,

To sow the seeds of hope in every lane.


A humanitarian knows no divide,

In compassion, they'll always confide,

For in the heart, the world's their kin,

And in their actions, love's the twin.


To do good is more than a fleeting deed,

It's a lifelong commitment to heed,

The call of empathy, the call of grace,

To make this world a better place.


Charity, not just coins in a tin,

It's a testament of the love within,

It's a hand that lifts the fallen high,

A vow to never let compassion die.


As we gather near this charity's day,

Let's pave a path, a selfless way,

To redefine what it means to care,

To show the world that love is there.


No matter the language or the creed,

No matter the color or the need,

We're bound by ties that cannot sever,

For in the end, we're all each other's neighbor.


No words could not capture the depth,

Of love that's boundless, a treasure to be kept,

So let us strive, let us aspire,

To be the change, to lift hearts higher.


In the tapestry of life, we're woven tight,

As neighbors, let's strive to do what's right,

To love, to care, to always share,

For in unity, we find a world so fair.


So, rethink what it is to do good,

To be a humanitarian as you should,

And in the mirror of your heart, see clear,

The answer to "Who is your neighbor?" is near.

ANSA Nigeria