Queen Indidi Ama  


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Indidi Ama- Queen of Nkazi
Ogadigwe- Onowu

Scene one
Late in the night, in the forest, the Onowu is seen waiting for someone impatiently. The messenger enters)
Ogadigwe: Don't you know its disrespectful to keep a whole Onowu waiting.

Messenger: I am sorry but this is the right time for this. Hear the message of the God sq; the snake head that was once cut off has grown into two. Now, only blood can kill blood. There is a man in Arona, his name is Akuka, son of Idika. He Is the solution you seek. ( he places a dagger in Ogadigwe's hand) Give this to him for it is useful only in his hands. (He exits).

Ogadigwe: (smiling sheepishly) this is great news for me. As soon as the cock crows tomorrow, I will head for Arona.

Scene Two
The scene opens in the palace. The four chiefs are seated. Five slaves are kneeling on the ground, including Akuka. Queen Indidi Ama enters, walking on a long cloth laid out for her. As she enters, the chiefs all kneel on one leg saying 'long live Queen Indidi Ama. She sits and asks them to take their seats as well.

Queen Ama: chief of warriors (he stands), where are the slaves? Present them before me.

Chief of warriors: ( standing up, he points to where the slaves are kneeling) Here they are your majesty.
Queen Ama: (she glances at where the slaves are kneeling. She notices Akuka and takes a special liking to him) You with the body of a warrior, come closer (he draws near to her). What is your name?

Akuka: my name is Akuka, son of Idika the hunter from Arona village.

Queen Ama: Guards! (Yes your majesty). Kill the chief of warriors (The Cheif of warriors is seized amidst cries and pleas) Akuka, you are the chief of warriors. Does anyone have any contrary opinion?

All: No your majesty, your decision is final and ultimate.

Scene Three
The queen is seated, discussing with two of her chiefs. Akuka enters with the dagger in his hands, devastated, angry and shouting Queen Indidi Ama!!!!! Guards try to stop him but he shoves them to one side.

Akuka: (pointing the dagger at her) You killed my parents, after I served you faithfully. You are truly a hideous monster. Today you shall die.

Queen Ama: Akuka, how dare you disrespect me, You slave! (She laughs) you even challenge me with a kitchen knife. The weapon capable of killing me is only one but it cannot function because the one who can wield it does not exist. Boy, didn't your mother tell you stories about me? I fear no one, you are only one among the many ants I crush.
(She rushes towards Akuka, Akuka stabs her with the dagger. She falls to the ground with a surprised look on her face)

Queen Ama: (tears in her eyes) my son...my son....my son...

(The end)

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Interesting tale... Needs a lot of editing though (punctuations and capitalisations, among others).