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In the shrine of one of the most renounced chief priest in Utu community, Uma and his wife walked in.

*Uma*: The spiritual coordinator, utuata ututumba, I greet you greet one!

*Chief pries*: Uma, the great warrior, what brought you and you pretty wife to my Domain today?

*Uma*: Great one, myself and my wife have been in fear that my brother's son 'Godwin' is going to be great. In fact, he is in his final year.

*Chief priest*: Yes? Why the fear?

*Wife*: can you imagine? He is posted on Instagram that "thunder will strike his bad belle". We are not bad belle o, but that is insolence, that's rude!

*Chief priest*: Woman, are you asking me Eze 1 to imagine? chai !

*Uma*: forgive her great one.

*Wife*: Am sorry great one.

*Chief priest*: what do you want me to do for you?

*Uma*: Great one, we want you to strike him with that same THUNDER, "roasted, boiled, fried, in fact raw thunder" to teach him to be respectful and learn manner.

*Chief priest*: (Incantation) ita muta kudimuta nla cobula twaoalatuwali, oya, THUNDER, fried, cook, raw, boiled, roasted locate, locate........
Few seconds later the chief priest put his hands on his head.
*Chief priest* Mission impossible.

Uma and his wife disappointed and frustrated chorused, "but why great one"?

*Chief priest*: A powerful body stronger than thunder has been striking him for more than two months now.

*Uma*: which body is that great one?
*Chief priest*: "ASSU"

_Light out_

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Needs a lot of editing. For example, consider the introductory remark:

"In the shrine of one of the most renounced chief priest in Utu community..."

Word in bold should be 'renowned', while 'chief priest' should be 'chief priests'.