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She was tired of moving. The idea of not having any friend was beginning to weigh her down. Yet, Thirty minutes was all it took for Sally's world to turn, she caused it. The sound of children playing drew Sally, a 10 year old blonde to the window. She looked outside and saw Danny and the other children playing a game of criminal and police. Danny always played the role of police. She wished she could join them but her aunty will never let her. She returned to doing her homework but she was distracted. Suddenly, an idea struck her. Since her aunty won't let her go outside to play, she will invite Danny and the rest to the house. 

The next day, at school, she approached Danny and invited him and his friends to the house. He agreed and this made her happy. But....'what will her aunty say? Oh well, she will worry about that later.' Danny and his friends showed up at the house around 4:00 pm. Sally's aunty was shocked to see them. She invited them in and made them wait while she go get Sally. 'Sally, why did you invite them over without informing me. You know you can't have friends, you know the reason, you're not ready.'
'But aunt Meg, I have been practicing, I can control myself. I promise to be careful'
'Okay Sally, you have just 30 minutes to spend with them, after 30 minutes please send them home. When Sally got to the living room, she met Danny and his friends already playing pirates and seamen. She joined in the fun. After 10 minutes Tracy requested to use the restroom. Sally showed her the restroom and returned to play. After Tracy was done, while returning to the living room, the the strange incense pot caught her attention. She hates the smell of incense so she closed the pot and returned to the living room. Immediately aunt Meg knew something was wrong, Sally knew something was wrong. Before Sally could blink her eyes and before aunt Meg could rush down, Sally had started transforming. She became a full phoenix, the flames glowing and burning. Danny and his friends became scared and confused. They quickly ran out of the house and drew the attention of adults in the neighborhood. Her secret was revealed and she knew things will never be the same again.

Theresa Shaibu

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Issues with punctuations, paragraphing and capitalisations... Pllease take time to edit your works before submitting them.

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