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The Devil with the pretty face

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Thereafter she concluded, everywhere seem quiet while she left. The first man came and she prevailed, so did the second, and then the last one. She then became the controller.
This guy here has something different. The first devil came and left him alone, then the controller one came with her innocency, LIKE THE PRETTY MALTREATED WOLF. "Are you bored"? she utterd.
Many said they dated, some said it's a mutual friendship thing. She knew how intimate they were now, so she tore the silence and said... HAVE YOU EVER HATED ANYONE? lol... who will ever get me do that? -he managed to say.
Just like his father warned him... some women are not women, they're full grown men on missions, but what could this mean? although he'll smile confidently at the old man and say.... Baba you've said this before.
And lo!.. Intimacy fire kept burning between. They attended a church night mingle, some places where dark because it was a camp fire thing. He left the huge fire bragging. Bro Walter headed away to a near yard to chill up perhaps... But a shadow passed quickly, then the second one was half shadowed, this, he couldn't explain. Daisy!... he called, is that you? but hey, shadows kept coming, quickly he rushed and invited some brethren.. Sister Daisy then showed up at the front... we are fine brethren,... everyone laughed and retired to their mini-tent. Hello bro Walt (Walter), i was just getting set for devotion and have been searching for anywhere convinient, anything the matter? you look so worried and terrific i must say. Smiling sheepishly.... he said.... but i saw many figured shadows down there, maybe i fear too much or i should see my Doc.

Today is saturday and rehearsals are no jokes. She sang beautifully, prayed fervently and looked too good. After the male-one team meeting has ended, they walked down the pretty street together. What's new? asked she. No... nothing at all, he managed to say.. but i think we are made to be best of friends, as in you're perfect for me, i mean i.... uuh... you're the right woman for me, I have prayed you over, but nothing's negative.. . I'm afraid miss, i love everything about you, as in I love You Daisy, -She smiled and made a brief face of fulfillment-... i had thought so too Walt. Wowowo! then let's see tomorrow ma'am, so we'll descide how to pray this on!

That night, he dreamt of her in an aqua kimono brief jacket and a man's tight black jean, all dressed and looked like a reasonable enemy on mission communing seriously with a strange figure. That was how he learnt to go on his kneels and ask for his woman.
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