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Our love story

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Every other things might have fallen apart,

but the foundation on which this love was built in my heart
is an Iroko root planted down beneath the earth.
For every other things we did
the gods might have gone crazy,
but for the feelings we share
they even give us blessings.
My love for you is of a purple hibiscus;
So rear and beautiful that words alone
has less strength to describe.

To you, this love seems to be the heaviest
of the things around your neck,
decision been hard on you like the movie in cell one.
But for me, even half of it is better than full of a yellow sun.

I know the beautiful ones are not yet born
but your beauty is the satiety I desire
thus, I don’t want to be a man of the people
but a man of you alone.
Please I beg you to hold on to me now,
tomorrow might be another country
where losers of love are always in nervous conditions.

It was foretold that daughters who walk this path shall never perish
but you kept me waiting till I felt no longer at ease.
You took love to be devil on the cross
And with arrow of God,
You shot my heart with betrayal
and made me wait so long like asylum seekers in an open city.

If no joy you’ve ever seen in this love story,
Can’t you just think of tomorrow’s joy of motherhood?
If no sense you’ve found in this love story,
then take me to be the palm wine drinkard
and accept my behavior like the bride price.
If this love story seems to you a long letter,
then take the wordings to be healers of our hearts of darkness.

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