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Forget Not the Good Old Days

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My dear friend
Forget not me
Do not leave behind
Just like the past

When I remember the friendship
The good old days we shared
My heart begins to ponder
The unending bond that bound us together
It is just like a chain that held us together
Wherever you went, I went
When you moved, I moved also
But now you are Faraway

When I remember the love
The good old days we shared
How we went through thick and thin
Going through daily obstacles was a nightmare
But we were always triumphant
Whatever we had then, we shared

When I remember the affection
The good old days we shared
Being closer to you was like warmth
A shelter to my soul
Whenever I did not see you for a moment
I always felt like crying
But now you are gone
When will you come back to me

My dear friend
Forget me not
Remember everything we shared together
And come back to me
Surely I will never forget you
Even in my heart, I will always be there
To stay with you
With the imagination of my inner mind
I dream of you always
Please come back
Forget not the Good Old Days
By Joseph Samuel

ANSA Nigeria