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Once, I was taking a stroll
Through a corner of my street
Then, I got to a scene
I felt so sad about what I saw

In that same environ
A man just bought a new car
The first of its kind
And to home he bought it
He rejoices, with his family alongside with him

Out of happiness and curiosity
His son took a thin needle
To scribble some words on the mirror
of the car his father just bought
Suddenly, his father saw him doing this
Without necessary questioning,
He hit his son furiously on the face
Alas, his son's eyes is damaged.
At the rush to the hospital
Everything was done to save his eyes
But his eyes had been completely blinded

The man came to his senses
"Wait, what did my son scribble on my car
to warrant the havoc I caused"
He went to the side of his car mirror
What did he see?
"Daddy I love you" the son had written

He broke into tears
He felt ashamed for his foolishness
He had allowed his emotions to control him
"He is blind and will be forever" the doctor says
Later on, the man died for the much thought of his son's blindness

Oh Anger!
What a negative virtue thou art
Though an emotion
Capable of destroying much
Causing havoc to soul, spirit and body

Anger kills
Anger exterminates
Anger causes a life - long scar
Anger destroys a person's fortune

Be careful, my dear friends
Anger has no good benefits
It can only make you regret
Imbibe the spirit of self - control
And you will be safe and live long

Give no room for anger
Or you will regret
ever getting yourself entangled with it
Take heed to my words
And it will be well with you

By Joseph Samuel

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