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Report on the 2019 US Consulate Poetry Grand Slam

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On 21st march 2019, I got to Walter carrigton cresent in Victoria island Lagos at 7:25 am for an America poetry grand slam event which is scheduled for 11:30 am. I felt relief that I got to the vicinity on time because Lagos traffic is very predictable. I met with one of Ansa delegates in person of Mr. Adekunle at 7:52am. When it was 11:05 am, Mr.Adekunle and I went to the America consulate security post for check in. We're screened and passed in , though our bags and gadgets were detained at the post. At the venue  (Public affairs section) we met Miss Eri who was already on her seat.
The program started behind schedule due to the late arrival of the public affairs officer in person of Mr. Russell Brooks.
   Mr. Russell said the opening remark around 12:20 pm and after that we all had a photo session with him. 12:40 pm Book reading /poetry slam commenced.  The organisers already have the names of the poets that would be performing for the day printed on  a paper that was shared to the delegates in the hall.
1. Mannequin in the nude by Akinwale Toluwalashe
2. Teaching father how to impregnate women by Soonest Nathaniel
3. Living poetry by Maureen Alasa
4. The theory of fear & Is this why we have nightmares? Chika Jones
5. The call by Chinedum Akiti-Diego
6.Death and black magic by Adeoye Adetoba
7. I believe I can cross by Ebere Anyanwu
8. My smile by Dodavah Chiedochie Uzoaga
9. At your mercy by Victor Akarachi Nwogu
10. The only alternative by Otuka Anyasi.
After that, there's discussion,reviewing and critiques of the poems performed by the poets in which two of our delegates in persons of Miss Eri and Funmi took part in.  They reviewed and share their opinions on the poem "Mannequin in the nude" by Akinwale Toluwalashe . There was no chance for everyone outside the list to perform except the M.c , a secondary student and a teacher.  Though I lobbied with the  organiser to perform but he said time isn't on our side as we're to vacate the hall by 2:00 pm. At 1:54 pm we had another photo session and after that I met with Mrs. Funmi Ilori, I introduced myself as one of Ansa delegates and she couldn't hide her delight. She told me how Ansa writers melt her heart every other time with their write ups. I called on other Ansa delegates to come and meet her. We thanked her for the platform she gave us and she's very glad we graced the event.
  Thank you Ansa, thank you Dr.Ken and thanks to other Ansa delegates that made the event a fun filled one.

© Segun Eyitayo


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Well done. A few typos and other structural errors though.

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