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Remember those whips?
Remember those bruises?
Remember those chains?
Remember the passage?

Forget those claims!
Forget those rumours!
Forget those banters!
Forget those wailings!

Balewa began it
Then, they take turns
Where are we yet?
The crossroad or our destination?

That white-skinned-being still own our factories.
Nkechi still rubs on Donald's big tummy with her butts
Salamatu still massage Gerald's shoulder after sweeping his office
Odunayo licks Hitler's thigh in the name of pedicure

Are we really free?
Remember Bola?
Whose breast became saggy?
'Cuz Donald's bingo loves sucking them?

Are we really free?
When Salamatu's parents still call Darmendra Master?
When toothpick still come from them?
When we clothe ourselves with their commands?

When would we start being independent?
Yesterday, today or tomorrow?
Sooner? Or later?
Maybe, One day we would really fly high
And perch on whatever it is we choose to.

*Happy "Independence" Nigerians*

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