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{Behind the Senior Block, Corper John beckons on Udochi who smiles and rushes towards him.}
Udochi: (smiles and stretches arms about him)Corper John!
Corper John: (smiles and plants a kiss on her forehead) My love. The one who rejuvenates me and stirs up Cupid to full strength in me.How are you?
Udochi: You is call me your love? Me is fine, Corper John!
Corper John: (frowns) Udochi, it's not 'me is fine'! Now let me rectify that grave grammatical blunder that has become your second name. It is "I am fine"
Udochi: (unhappily) Corper, Corper! Me is sorry.
Corper John: (squeezes her arm softly)Say I! Udo-love. It's I, not me.
Udochi:(disappointed) Corper, don't me agree like this nah. Sorry, inu? I know that otu ubochi, I will speak this English like you, like oyibo(laughs softly).
Corper John: (smiles) Don't worry my love. Do not belabour yourself much.Only try not to exacerbate the already aggravated situation You'd learn soon, one very good day and the situation will stand ameliorated.
Udochi: (smiles sheepishly) Okay o. So, Corper John, what's me cooking for you after school? Yam and vegetable soup? Or Akpu and Onugbu soup? Or, you could try eating Ona. It is very, very sweet. In short, you will chop your fingers afterwards.
Corper John: (hushes her) sssssh! Baby, I don't want you to do any cooking today! All I want is for me and you to get home and you know, curdle ourselves, see a film or to and...(whispers into her ear).
Udochi: (excited) Jumps up! Corper John, do you know that since the last time you touched me eh... My life is just tasting sugar, sugar!

Corper John: (happy) You can say that again Udy! It's called Love! It Makes you young and bustling with energy and vigour. I'm glad I met you Udy! And I promise to love you in the best possible way our clandestine coalescence can possibly permit.
Udochi: Me is love you too, Corper.
(Both embraces, and the school bell goes)
Corper John:(tears himself away from her) See you later, Udy! I have a class to teach now!
Udochi: (pretends to smile) Okay, Corper! Bye, bye-ee!
{Light fades as both goes head in different directions}


{Inside the spacious apartment of Corper John's apartment. Udochi is wrapped around Corper John's arms and they are reclining on a sofa}.

Udochi: Please sat your body well, Me was has something to tell you.
Corper John:(his hands trace lazy spires along the length and breadth of Udochi's voluptuous body). Ehh my my exquisite lady whose resplendent beauty and coquettish feminine appeal is unmatched by none. I am fastidious. Tell me the matter, my well of living water.
Udochi:(giggling uncontrollably) Is me you sicha nke niile. Me is a blow then. So me is a wellu. Obi m oo(she plants a big kiss on Corper John's face.)
Corper John: I am more compelled to probe. What is this unsavory matter that has dared incur the wrath of my alluring heavenly angel?
Udochi: what you mean?
Corper John:(his voice goes up a pitch) I said what is the matter. I just wonder why you can't comprehend statements proffered with lucid simplicity.
Udochi: Oya Is have do. Nke one, Is that small pikini.Nke mbu is amosu that us are call Abigail. Imagine Abigail and her friends is fighting of me because they say is me tell you to punishes them last monday.( she makes a rueful face to further buttress her bitterness)
Corper John:(raves and curses) Dont worry, I will plummet their dastard lives into abject misery these coming weeks in school.
(udoka smiles contentedly)
Udochi: is remain one more matter. Is be like Me will now upgrade to your wife.
Corper John:(jumps from the sofa as if something stung him)What is the meaning of that abstruse and bleak projection?
Udochi: Me is two. Mba, Me is pregnant. Me is carry your nwa.(giggles stupidly)
Corper John: And who is responsible, you piece of slut.
Udochi:(A hurt look crosses her face) what is you talk by responsible? Is you does it. When you do chook chook. When you are enter me. You is no know? ( she attempts to grab Corper John)
Corper John: You scurrilous,venal and stupid girl. You better recant that your esoteric claim laden with absurdity immediately. You have slept around with area boys and come here to blame the consequences of your activities on me. Now leave my house immediately.
Udochi: (starts weeping uncontrollably) Is you who is does it. See i will does shout and telled everybody o! Better is you marries me.
Corper John: Dear lady, leave my house this instant, i am not responsible. And be fast to leave before i call the principal and set the whole school on you now. Go and hunt for the wretch that impregnated you and marry him.

{Lights fade slowly as Udochi starts sobbing uncontrollably}