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Unfading Memory

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Oftentimes, being adult makes one see things differently compared to how one had being infant. That is why the thought of what Medinah did when we were very young keeps dazzling me.

We were just by the third Street to our residence solely to pick numbers for balloons. It is custom in my town that; to get a balloon, you pick from the numbered objects, the number under the object picked results to the balloon you'd be given upon been traced by the seller. I was with Medinah and few other mates of ours. I picked an orange like object which got me number 62 and I was given a somewhat off-white coloured balloon. It was neither excessively big nor small. I was happy, at least it beats my luck compared to the last time I was there for a balloon. Medinah kept staring without talking.

Happily, on our way home, I blew it to a ball size and was just rubbing it like watermelon. We were late for lunch, I wasn't worried because my mum still keeps my part in the pot and get it warmed when I'm ready to eat. This favor and others I receive solely because I'm the only son.

Upon getting to our verandah, I didn't go in, likewise Medinah. She blurted suddenly, _"Mummy AbdulRahman!!! AbdulRahman is blowing Condom!!!"_ She kept repeating this.

My mum was the only one around in our apartment. I didn't know what she was talking about, I only stared, if not for too long, for 68seconds. I saw my Mum running and hitting her leg absentmindedly on the stool in the passage. She ran to where I stood, collected the _"Condom"_ checked thoroughly and told me to walk in with her for my Lunch. I watched Medinah, standing coldly, staring at my Mum. Her look on my mother made me return my fixated gaze on her on my mother. I noticed she was eyeing Medinah. Her reason for eyeing her was what I was thinking about till I dozed off after my Lunch. I dreamt Mum was counselling Medinah when I was sleeping.


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