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Adeiza the playful boy

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Adeiza the playful boy

Today's cloud wasn't friendly, children frown at the black clumsy cloud that had already made a cluster in the sky. They wanted to play but it seems their plan is already shattered, the nature of the cloud sent a message to all. "It is going to rain heavily." Ajana said to his friends.
Adeiza who was desperate shut him up. "It is not a bad idea to play in the rain, after all we have been doing so."
"Unlike before, today's rain might be heavy and mother warn me never to play in a heavy ran." Alex said.

"My mother also said so but you see, we are a bit far from our houses, no one will see us. I so much want to play today." Adeiza said adamant to his friend's warning.

"you can stay but as for me I am leaving, I don't want to go against my parents warning." Abudu said as he walk away leaving his friends behind, The rest also leave, remaining only Adeiza.

"I will play alone even if they leave, they are bunch of cowards." He said to himself as he start to play, using his horse toy and teddy bear. He will place the teddy bear on the horse and made it to walk by gradually pushing it forward.

Suddenly heavy wind began to blow, tress shake violently that Adeiza became a little scared. He tried to run home but heavy rain poured and his eyes barely see his path as he tearfully prayed for his mother to come to his aid.
The erosion became much and Adeiza's horse and teddy bear flow with the passing water. He wanted to carry it but the water was much that he ran back. He became very wet and started to feel cold. Just then he heard his mother calling.

"Adeiza, Adeiza.." She called.
No doubt she had been looking for him. He wanted to told his mother he was there but the cold seize his voice.
Luckily for him, his mother found him. She carried him on her back home.
His mother was obviously unhappy with him.
Adeiza lost his best company, his horse and teddy bear which he so much Cherish and also he made his mother unhappy.
He regretted not obeying his mum.
Adeiza became sick for the whole week and couldn't go to school, he was very unhappy with himself and vow never to disobey his mother again, his mother punished him by not buying him another toy horse and teddy bear.

©Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi

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