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E2 vs E3 (Jerry vs Ebenezer) Text

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E2 vs E3 (Text)


You have 10 minutes to produce at least 100 words in response to the following question.


If you had to describe your family in just three words, what would they be? Explain why you chose each word. 


Your time starts now! Submit on or before 20:28 (GMT+1).


All the best!


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Love, Lifeline, Values.

A person without family and its love never becomes completely happy in his/her life. I am complete and happy with my family that includes five members.
My family is a lifeline to whom I can run to, whatever may be the situation I am facing. My family guides me to be a good person and help me in nurturing good values. We, humans, are animals that live together spreading love and care for each other, and this togetherness is called family. The absence of such a divine bonding make us equal to animals.
Family value and growing in such a caring surrounding helps me to pass all the struggles and hardships that I face in my daily life. Whatever be the situation we are facing, our family will never leave us alone. My family is a blessing for me and I value everyone in my family with equal respect and love.

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My family was the pillar of love, support and home.


They snuggled against me in harsh times and picked me up when I stumbled.


When I sprouted wings, they encouraged me to fly. 


No matter where I have gone, I will never forget what it has been like for the heartbeat of my home to quiet.




My family, like a pillar, stood by me in times of despair.

They embraced my failures and gave me the strength to continue on.


My family was the foundation of my life and my hopes. 


It was the rock from which I chiseled away my self-doubt and ate up my negative self-talk.




My family was the pillar of family.


The people who I turned to for help, for advice and for love.


They were the arms that would pick me off the floor when I failed,


The ears that willed listen to the struggles I faced,


And the voices that would cheer me on as I strive to achieve my dreams. 




My family has been my pillar—my shelter, my ship and my wings. 


Although time and distance have strained us, no matter what life throws at us,


We will always come back to one another—


Gathered around a pillar of love, support and home.

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