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*The curtains draw open to reveal Mr Ade sitting in his living room reading a newspaper. He folds the newspaper to look at the clock on the wall.*
*Mr Ade*: aha,it is already past 5. Won't somebody eat in this house again? Mummy Bola!!! *He calls her name in anger
*Mrs Ade*: my husband,the food is done. I'm serving it. *She screams from the kitchen*
*Mr Ade*: please hurry,i'm starving. *He says while putting the newspaper on the table.Minutes after,she rushes in,carrying a tray containing pounded yam and vegetable soup.*
*Mrs Ade*: sorry for the delay dear,i made it just as you like it.
*Mr Ade washes his hands and pounces on the pounded yam and vegetable soup*
*The phone rings in the living room.*
*Mrs Ade:* Ah ah who's calling me
Oko mi, let me get the phone
*she says as she walks to the sitting room*
*Picks up the phone*
*Mrs Ade:* Hello?
*On the line is Bola, their only daughter*
*Bola:* Hello mammi?
*Mrs Ade's face lights up in a smile*
Mrs Ade: Bola mi,how are you? Are you eating well?
*Bola*: Maami,im fine. How is daddy?
*Mrs Ade*: your father is fine,my daughter. I hope nothing is wrong?
*Bola*: No maami,i just wanted to let you know that I'll be bringing my fiance to meet you and Daddy this weekend.
*Mrs Ade:* ah omo mi, fiancé?
This weekend?
Okay, my daughter we await your arrival, I will inform your father
*Bola:* Okay maami, take care of yourself, I have to go!
See you and daddy on friday.
*Bola drops the call before her mother even has a chance to reply*
Mrs Ade: Fiance ke,she hasn't even introduced him and they're already engaged. Children of nowadays ehhn. *She shook her head*
Mr Ade: mama Bola!
Mrs Ade: baale mi,i'm coming.
*She clutches her phone and approaches her husband*
Mrs Ade: that was Bola on the phone. She said that she'll come during the weekend with her fiance.
Mr Ade: Fiance ke... Do you know the person?
Mrs Ade: I don't o. I only know Akin and she said they're no longer together.
Mr Ade: why? The boy is from a good family and a Yoruba at that. We'll see your who your daughter's fiance is o
*Mrs Ade:* oko mi, let's wait and see, believing in our daughter that she knows what she's doing
Mr Ade: it's none of my business. My own is that she must not come here with one boy that is not a Yoruba and a Christian.

*The curtains close*

*Three days later*
*Bola and her fiance Chisom are at the entrance to the Ade's house. Chisom is a little nervous*
Chisom: babe,are you sure your parents wouldn't object to our relationship?
Bola: to be honest,no. But whatever happens,it can't be that bad. Let's go in. *She squeezes his hand in reassurance and kissed his handsome cheek*
Chisom: *with a smile*,well that was reassuring.
Bola: Maami!! I'm home o *Mrs Ade comes out of the kitchen wiping her hands on her wrapper. She smiles at her daughter and hugs her*
Mrs Ade: my baby,ive missed you. You're looking so beautiful.
*Bola smiles*
*Turns her around, keenly inspecting her*
*Mrs Bola:* At least you're feeding well
*Bola:* mummy stop! *she says laughing, turns to Chisom*
Mummy, here's ..... My fiancé
*Mrs Ade looks at the good looking boy beside her daughter and she smiled*
Mrs Ade: what's your name dear?
*As Chisom makes to speak,she interrupts*
Oh wait,lemme tell daddy that you guys are here.
*She leaves for the adjoining room*
Bola: let's have our seat,my dad would be here soon. *They sit on the couch*
Chisom: I'm a little nervous. *Looks at the pictures on the wall* You look a lot like your dad.
Bola: Well,my dad is cute.
Chisom: yeah and you're beautiful *he kisses her cheek*
Mr Ade: *clears throat* Erhem!!
*Bola looks up and squeals*
Bola: Daddy!! *She genuflects and then hugs him*
Mr Ade: how are you dear?
Bola: I'm fine sir
You're looking good daddy.
Mrs Ade: Thanks to God and me.
Bola: of course mummy.. who else takes care of daddy more?
*They all laugh*
Bola: daddy,meet my fiance.
*Chisom extends his hands for a handshake but Mr Ade pointedly ignores it*
Mr Ade: what is your name, young man?

Chisom: my name is Ozechi Chisom sir.
*The disapproval shows on Mr Ade's face*
Mr Ade: so you're not Yoruba? Bola,how dare you introduce an Igbo boy to me as your fiance?
Mrs Ade: Baba Bola,calm down.
Bola: but daddy,i love him and he makes me happy. Does his tribe matter?
Mr Ade: shut up! His tribe matters,do you hear me?
*He storms out of the living room,leaving a dazed Bola and a confused Chisom*
Mrs Ade: Daddy!! *She goes after him*.
© *Fortune Kelechi (Kay) et Oluwaferanmi Ogunmodede (Love)*

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Not a bad attempt. Word count (805) exceeds the required limit (300-500), so perhaps you'd consider editing the write-up.

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It was also posted in the wrong forum. This isn't the place for collabos.

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Great one guys! 

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