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Teacher: (fuming after Wills failed a question) You are the dullest student I have taught all my life. Imagine! You are in S.S.3, and this is the second session, yet you couldn't give an answer to what I asked you. It is better you get a desk job after your S.S.3 class, as I don't see you making your WAEC or being the Doctor you claim you'd become. Better still, go learn a handwork. Sit down!

(Wills embarrassingly sat down and scratched eyes. He had been studying hard to do better, but the words of his teacher that moment demoralized him completely. He went home alone after school had closed. Languidly, he got home looking exhausted. To open his books became a problem as tears streamed down his face.)

Wills: (soliloquizing) It's time to say goodbye to school. I don't think I am good enough. If my teachers could say it to me very often, then...

(His mother had been eavesdropping from behind the door. She walked in and interpolated.)

Mother: My son, you are good enough, please, don't stop working hard. This is life, you will find people say negative words to you so you don't realize your capability. It is left to us if we can make the words become positive. Your light must shine and I am solidly behind you.

Wills: (comforted by her words, he ran up to embrace her.) You are the best, ma.

After a couple weeks of reading ahead of schedule, he sat for his mock examination, passed, and won the award for the most improved student.

Teacher: (smiling) I am surprised, Wills. You have stepped up very well. I hope to see even a better version of you in your WAEC examination next session.

Wills: (smiling) Thank you, sir. Hopefully.

(Wills got home happily and saw his Mom picking beans. He wore a big smile and flaunted his award.)

Mother: (smiles and rises to her feet) Oh, my God, this lovely, my son. Please, continue working hard and make me a proud mother.

Wills: Sure, Mom (he pecked her).

After the WAEC result was released, it shocked his school to see he had A's in all his papers. Wills was called up and given a national award. He was then given a scholarship to study Medicine and Surgery outside the country.

Before leaving, his teacher came to meet him at home.

Teacher: Forgive me for my words, Wills. You have shocked the world. I salute you.

Wills: Thanks for being a ladder for me to climb up. Without you, I won't be where I am today (hugs him.)

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Try go through standard texts to see how the setting of a play is described. It may help. 

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