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Influence with less words.

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Influence with less words. 
It is in our human nature to always talk about our new found knowledge, our ideas or what we believe in, and a lot of people tend to agree with us that what we believe is right but the issue there is that they are yet to see the effect of our belief in our lives. 
This often a result of complacency that arises from our satisfaction with head knowledge and empty confessions. 
The truth is this, we'll never make any progress in life or our careers if we continue this way.  
We going to end up as hypocrites,  empty barrels making a loud noise, empty clouds carrying no water. And at the end no one wants to listen to us even if they know our ideas are valid, no one wants to live an empty life. 
So if we are going to influence our world positively, if we are going to affect the value system of our people, if we are going to be change agents then we'll need to start creating impressive results from our beliefs, we need to start working and grinding hard to become living testaments of our values. Only then will people heed our words and follow our path. 
It is time to work hard and achieve results. Talk less, do more let the results do the talking.  
Emenike Madukairo

Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu
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