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And yet again, it was that time of the year, the first of 365days. I was hell bent on eating enough chicken, so, the day before, I took enough Andrew liver salt. My friend, Donald, who is a worthy partner in gluttony recommeded it, convincing that it was his secret for his unbeatable record at seeing to it that at the end of every first of January, no food remains in the house, no matter how plenteous his usually extravagant mother cooks. 

So, I visited Mallam on the eve of the New year before hitting the cross over program at our church. 


For every New year, dad would come home with a new damsel. He ensures anyone he brings will not only be beautiful, but more beautiful than our neighbor's who we can say was also very promiscuous. Though my dad is the landlord, our neighbor has never stopped competiting, he brings in new, prettier and bigger breeds of damsels every new year.


Last year, dad upped to a white while our neighbor's looked Italian. Dad told us he was going to take it personally this time around. I always get to play with daddy's beautiful lady before he takes her into his room so I was gladder than everyone else. Mum was however not too happy because she thinks dad is just been too petty and had argued he agrees to my sister's plea for a strong and bearded lad for her first born, specifically because she just graduated, but dad's love for damsels wouldn't let him budge.


After returning from the eve, I couldn't sleep. My anticipation of dad's damsel this year robbed me of my sleep and had me waiting all night. Mum ordered I slept but how would I be able to play with daddy's damsel if I can't welcome her and familiarize. "Mummy, first impression matters now," I pleaded.


It was exactly 8:08am, dad arrived with not just one this time, but three damsels. My eyes nearly popped out! "Does that mean I get to take one into my room?" I asked in my heart. 

Dad made them sit in the new but uncompleted room outside beside the gate till he could convince mum to allow them in. I quickly met them and we had a good conversation. I loved the bigger one but she doesn't seem coorperative. She kept rolling her eyes and cursing with her lips. 

"She is trying to hide her feelings, I know she likes me", I thought. 

Anyways, I couldn't wait.

So dad returned to take them into his room. He said to me,

 "Sam, you are coming in with us today, there are three of them." 

I was so happy that I quickly approached the biggest one with my tool ready. She flared up as if saying I shouldn't touch her. Though she couldn't say it because of my dad who had paid handsomely for them to be around, her actions gave that away. 


Well, I didn't care. I took her by the hand and lead her into dad's room. Dad was surprised at how much I had grown and handled her that he promised to get one specifically for me the next year. I was so happy, though I felt sorry for her because I loved her eyes and colour. After we were done, mum came to lead them to her own room, as was the tradition.


"Mum, please add a lot of curry, I think I love its aroma on my chicken." 


She remains the biggest and most beautiful chicken dad has ever bought. Oh, how much I ate her legs! Yes, I recognized her legs! Lol

© Ben James


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