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Once upon a time in a village called Aruru, there was a boy who was the only child of his parents. He had a habit of deceiving villagers, which made their hearts race faster.

"Zama, you need to stop deceiving people. If you don't, no one will trust or believe you. Desist from it," his mom warned always. The words only fell on deaf ears as he found deceiving people very fun.

One day, he headed to the market square and ran to and fro shouting "Thief! Theif! Thief!" Both buyers and sellers fled. Some dropped their already bought items, while the sellers left their goods.

Zama laughed and stole all that he liked, then went to his house to enjoy himself.

Another day, he climbed up a tree in a farm and hided. As farmers began to farm, he alarmed that thieves were around the corner. Everyone of them dropped their farming tools and ran away. Zama jumped down, stole all that he liked and went home.

This habit became a big part of his life. He continued until everyone identified him as the thief. No one reported him to the king, but talked to his parents to warn him very well, else, they would discipline him themselves. Zama having no shame, still continued with the act, but everyone ignored him since he had been known to tell lies.

As Zama was on his way home from farm one day, he mistakenly dashed his foot against a stone. He fell down and hit his head on the ground. "Ha, my head ooo! My leg ooo! Someone, please, help me!" he cried out.

Since many of the villagers knew it was him, they ignored him, thinking he was trying to deceive them. Zama cried bitterly, but found no help. He crawled until he got home. When his parents saw him, they quickly attended to him and took him to an inn where he was treated.

In tears, he turned to his parents and said, "I now see why mom tells me not to deceive people. If I had listened to her, people would have helped me when I fell down. Mom, Dad, I promise to change from now on. Please, forgive me."

Apata Victor

Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu
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A common tale. Not remarkable, not refreshing, not enlightening... For stories like this commonly told to kids, you need to twist the plot a lot to give it some special effect, otherwise it will be just plain and nothing out of the ordinary.

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