Welcome to the Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA), a haven for young aspiring authors.

Kindly go through our weekly literary contests and acquaint yourself with our contest rules and regulations as well as eligibility criteria.


To participate in our weekly contests, simply submit your entries in the respective categories on the days allotted for such activity:

Mondays (Poetry)

1. ANSA Poet of the Week Contest

2. ANSA Poetry Collabo of the Week Contest

Tuesdays (Prose: Fiction)

1. ANSA Flash Fiction of the Week Contest

2. ANSA Flash Fiction Collabo of the Week Contest

3. ANSA Short Story of the Week Contest

4. ANSA Short Story Collabo Contest

Wednesdays (Children’s Literature)

1. ANSA Children’s Literature of the Week Contest

2. ANSA Children’s Literature Collabo of the Week Contest

Thursdays (Drama)

1. ANSA Playwright of the Week Contest

2. ANSA Drama Collabo of the Week Contest

Fridays (Prose: Non-Fiction)

1. ANSA Non-Fiction Writer of the Week Contest

2. ANSA Non-Fiction Collabo of the Week Contest

3. ANSA Quote of the Week Contest

4. ANSA Literary Critic of the Week Contest

5. ANSA Reporter of the Week Contest

Remember to add your full names in your submissions, as well as the appropriate hashtag for the contest.

Winners are announced on the website (ansa.com.ng) every Sunday.

Prizes and publicity packages are available for winners.


Entries are welcome from humans of all ages, irrespective of sex, tribe, ethnicity, religion, or nationality.

Participants for our weekly contests are required to follow our social media channels below as part of the criteria for initial screening of entries:

Twitter: @ansa_nigeria

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ansa.com.ng

Instagram: @ansa_nigeria

You must also get registered (free of charge) on our website.

NB: It is not enough to just submit ur entries. You have to be actively involved in our social media campaigns.

In summary, the following criteria for participating in our weekly literary contests and fun games shall be strictly enforced:

1. Register (free of charge) on our website: www.ansa.com.ng

2. Follow our social media channels:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ansa.com.ng

Twitter: @ansa_nigeria

Instagram: @ansa_nigeria

3. Ensure you indicate your full names in your write-up & add the relevant hashtag for the contest you’re entering.

4. Ensure you adhere strictly to the word count limit (300-500 words).

5. Be actively involved in our social media campaigns.

NB: Members with disciplinary records (violation of contest rules, unruly behaviour, etc) get stripped of their awards and benefits (certificates, cash prize, membership status, etc). At ANSA, discipline is everything!


Entries must be original, creative and properly edited (devoid of structural and grammatical errors, including issues with punctuations).

If you didn’t see your name in the nominee list (longlist/shortlist/winners’ list) of any of ANSA’s Literary Contests, it could mean either of two things:

1. You didn’t meet the minimum criteria for participation and progression beyond the early stages of the contest;

2. Your entry simply wasn’t good enough (structural errors, grammatical blunders, punctuation issues, plagiarism, etc).

To put it more plainly, there are 10 basic criteria:

a. Submit your entry on the website (www.ansa.com.ng), meaning you have to get registered in the first place;

b. Post your entry in the relevant forum;

c. Add your full name to your submission;

d. Indicate the relevant hashtag for the contest;

e. Adhere strictly to the word count limit (300-500 words);

f. Submit your entry on or before the deadline for the contest;

g. Follow our social media channels and/or be actively involved in our social media campaigns;

h. Ensure your entries do not breach relevant copyright laws;

i. Your entry must be creative enough (use of imagination or original ideas);

j. Your entries must be properly edited (devoid of structural, grammatical and punctuation errors).

If the judges believe you have not violated items a-g above, your entry will most likely make the longlist. If you can go a step further and scale through the eight hurdle on that list (item h), you’ll most likely get shortlisted. And finally, items i and j will be used to determine the eventual winners.

To summarise, fulfil criteria a-g to secure a place in the longlist. Criteria h is important for you to make the shortlist. And criteria i and j are used to determine overall winners.

N.B.: It’s possible to make the shortlist and still fail to clinch the prize. In other words, there can be up to 5 nominees on the shortlist, yet NONE of them may be deemed good enough to win the eventual prize. Criteria a-j outlined above are critical in determining best entries.


Be patient enough to go through the rules clearly outlined on this page!

It’s critically important that we adhere strictly to instructions guiding literary contests. We can’t emphasize this enough!

ANSA belongs to all of us! Let’s play our part to ensure we get the very best from the organization.


ANSA… for the love of writing

ANSA Nigeria