ANSA Poet of the Week Award

The nominees are:

1. Israel Onoruoiza for his poem, ‘April fool’

2. Yusuf Muyibat Avosuahi for her poem, ‘I wish’

3. Ikpeme Kanong for his poem, ‘A year without rain’

ANSA Poetry Collabo of the Week Award

The nominees are:

1. Stephen Omolori & Ben James for their poem, ‘Lamentations’

2. Ikpeme Kanong and Huda Tariq for their poem, ‘Forever to forgive’

3. Israel Onoruoiza & Josiah Blossom for their poem, ‘All alone’

ANSA Short Story Writer of the Week Award 

The nominees are:

1. Ben James for his entry, ‘Teeth for dart’

2. Aminu Abdulmumeen for his entry, ‘Stranger’

Who gets our ANSA Medal of Honour?


The winners will be announced shortly.

Congrats to all nominees!


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