ANSA Testimonies

ANSA Testimonies

Happy ANSA Members

EbubeAnene Ebubechukwu Anthony

“My only regret this year is that I didn’t hear of ANSA earlier. I have been able to write numerous literary works and meet great writers. I am eternally grateful.”

VincentOgbu Vincent Chiedozie

“ANSA has blessed me beyond what I can imagine. I’ve only been a member for a few weeks, but I’ve met a full lot of eager, lively, resourceful and better writers. So much talent with a right sense of what to write imbued with astounding creativity and flavoured literary works.”

KelechiIkechi Fortune Kelechi

“ANSA has been a perfect opportunity for me to run wild with ideas without holding myself back. It is like a family, home to young aspiring authors. I’ve learnt the art of writing through my membership of ANSA than I have on my own. I’ve met a lot of people too.”

OmololaOmolola Oshafunmi

“ANSA has made me a better writer, no doubt about it. It has challenged me to write more often, make mistakes, learn from them and move on. I’ve met lots of beautiful writers in ANSA and that has made me want to do better with my own writings.”

DorcasFadairo Oluwafunmilola Dorcas

“ANSA has challenged me to be better in all areas, to keep pushing on… I’ve learned that even if I make mistakes, I must stand up and keep going.”

AvosuahiYusuf Muyibat Avosuahi

“ANSA has done a lot for me. Since I became a member, I have been able to learn many ways of improving my writing through the daily literary activities held by the organisation.”

ChristianahChristianah Emmanuel

“ANSA has been a great platform for young writers. I’ve met many awesome people through ANSA and I’ve been able to sharpen my writing skills. It’s really been great.”

BajehBajeh Hayat

“ANSA… I’ve been inspired, entertained, inspired again, challenged… And I’ve also met amazing people here. God bless you all!”

OmobolanleIdris Yewande Omobolanle

“ANSA helped me in so many ways… I met my sweet sis here and other wawwatic poets. I was able to write poems under nanoseconds without having to procrastinate. I’ve improved my content and poetic conversation.. I was able to flow when collaborating with other writers. My God, ANSA didn’t make me forget I’m a writer. Comments here have been encouraging. And the literary prizes have been breathtaking. I love ANSA!”

UkpapaVictoria Chiamaka Ukpaka

“ANSA has helped stretch my creativity and brought out the very best in me. I am so grateful to Dannysong for introducing me to this great platform. I absolutely love ANSA!”
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