Untold Stories About the Virus

by Shomade Abdulazeez


in the beginning,
covid-19 created fear
in few days after its arrival.
we cringed at rising numbers.
we were heroically trying
to flatten the curve by staying at home.

the effects were tearing us apart
but corona wasn’t ready to bow
so we bent
we stepped out—
sometimes only in the day
sometimes only on weekdays
because coronavirus doesn’t deal
with the working-class people
(at least that’s what the regulations suggest)
or just because we needed to feed—
hunger might kill us before the virus does.

the numbers are fast rising like a celeb
but they no longer count as they used to
since the virus might only be stealing
the thunder of other diseases.

is this virus even real?
are the numbers of death real?
we ask as facemasks become
no more than chin adornments,
tickets of transport & store entry
& escape from the police.

we doubt. we scorn. ignore
& remain out here fondling corona
with our inshaallah genes.

©Shomade Abdulazeez | 2020

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Untold Stories About the Virus

Are you still in doubt about the numbers of cases?

In view of the raging pandemic— Corona virus, this collection attempts a unique and creative narrative of the neglected cases and effects of the virus. You definitely want to read!



“Wow…This is heavy… The poetry and prose works are uniquely written. From the Prologue to the Epilogue, dope💯 More importantly, I like the fact that it discusses relatable issues in its raw form.

This is classic..kudos to you and of course the contributing writer who penned the prologue.”

—KC Pwesh


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Shomade Abdulazeez