Barefoot in the Dark

by Grace-effects store


Towoju: but how about the people, the hope you gave them, the promise, the promise you made to the people and to the princess, to love her, to bring back this kingdom to the days of her pride
Omololu: (laughs hysterically) words! Mere words, cheap words. Did I swear to Ogun or to Sango or to even your grandfather when I was saying them? (laughs) we shall rest now and tomorrow by midday we must have been completely out of this kingdom not to be seen and not to be heard of again

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Barefoot in the Dark tells a story of Omololu-Geriya and some leaders around the world who have danced their way into the abundant wealth of their nation and consequently infested pains and untold hardship on the masses causing a chasm of distortion in Governance.
While the people are uncompromising on a better future for them and their children, the story ends on the note of caution and optimism


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