Do you have what it takes?

Can you produce an original, spectacular piece of literature every single day for 100 consecutive days?

The Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA) proudly presents the unique literary experience tagged #100DaysLiteraryChallenge aimed at inspiring awesome creativity among young aspiring authors.

Addressing newsmen in Lokoja, the Founder, National President and Life Patron of the association Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu expressed optimism that young writers across the globe will rise up to the literary challenge.

“At ANSA we’re constantly seeking new ways to inspire creative ingenuity among young aspiring authors,” he said. “This project is one of our trademark campaigns to foster healthy academic rivalry among literary minds and ultimately revive the reading culture among youths and adults alike.”

The #100DaysWritingChallenge will be open for participation from July 1, 2019. The following categories are available:

1. 100 Days Poetry Collabo Challenge

2. 100 Days Prose Challenge

a. 100 Days Flash Fiction Challenge
b. 100 Days Short Story Challenge

3. 100 Days Non-Fiction Challenge

4. 100 Days Children’s Literature Challenge

5. 100 Days Drama Challenge

Entries are to be submitted on the organisation’s website ( in the relevant fora. Participants are encouraged to share in all available social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Each entry must be:

1. New (old write-ups won’t be accepted)

2. Original (must be written by you and nobody else)

3. Creative (only spectacular pieces of literature will be considered)

4. Meet the word count limit (minimum 20 lines for poetry and 300-500 words for other categories)

5. Published on our website in the relevant fora (new members must be registered – free of charge – on to be eligible for participation).

Ensure you add your full name and the appropriate hashtag in your daily submissions.

Plagiarized materials will be automatically screened out and culprits will be disqualified!

So choose a writing partner (for the poetry collabo challenge) and plan to be consistent with your submissions!

At the end of the challenge, the winners in the respective categories shall pocket N5,000 each!

Special thanks to ANSA’s Goodwill Ambassador Lawal Eneye for inspiring this exciting new challenge.

Be determined!

Be resolute!

Be consistent!

And keep writing!


ANSA… for the love of writing


ANSA Nigeria