The gods wept!  


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I understand gnashing of teeth.
The gods tried to talk to me,
But the bones of unanswered sacrifices covered its mouth.
The gods wept!

The gods wept!
This time it has a message,
But its voice is now a representation of everything not true, unfulfilled, lies!
But the gods have a message.

The gods want to remind the people that with old age slow becomes steady,
And for death all should be ready.

The gods wept!
It should have told the woman who brought sacrifice the truth,
The truth that it can't save her husband,
But the gods must eat,
Now her husband is late
So the woman wept!

A virgin died .
She was slaughtered by the penis of the abominables of the land;
men who have no regard for the precepts of their ancestors.
May they be turned to rotten yam.

From the bones of unanswered sacrifices,
The gods with wrapped red ribbon to it head weeps,
"Let not the land be defiled with blood of virgins,
Let not rape be mentioned amongs us,
It contradicts the customs of the land.

© Emmanuel Chukwuebuka John