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Rafiu got home exhausted, he had barely escaped the grip of the police. He reached for his pocket to bring out the substance he was being chased for. He poured some of it into a piece of paper, and rolled it tight before applying little of his saliva to make its end stick. The marijuana was ready to be smoked. He held the marijuana in between his lips and lit.


"Una no reach walahi. Una wan arrest me join my source of inspiration," Rafiu said after his first puff.


He took a lot of puffs before two of his friends walked in. They hailed and took their seat next to him.


"Una dey jonze. Nah now una just dey come since." His friends said nothing but smiled.


Rafiu continued; "I go go over the plans one last time. Make una no go slack." His friends maintained their silence as Rafiu kept on giving them the strategies to use on their next robbery.


"If you get questions, ask. Cos time no go dey to ask when mission don dey active," Rafiu said. But he got no reply.


"Since una no get question, make we dey bounce," Rafiu opened the door and exited his room.


** ** ** ** **


"Adi Rafiu! Onyi Rafiu!! Va kanei oziewu ni ni ooo," a concerned person called on Rafiu's parents to come check on him.


Rafiu's father was away from home. His mother ran out to see her son talking to himself.


"Beremi za ni ni de," she cried for her son to be restrained.


"Suwa va za? What do you want to catch? There is nothing wrong with me fa. I'm just having a conversation with my friends," Rafiu refused to be restrained.


"Which friends? Ah! That thing you smoke have finally taken your sanity. My enemy has won,"


Rafiu's mum went on her kneels to wail, but Rafiu couldn't care less. He had a mission to accomplish, and he had wasted his friends' time already. He asked to be pardoned, before running away from his mother's view. Young men chased after him, while his mother wept uncontrollably.


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