You, Me, Words.  


Victoria Ukpaka
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16/03/2020 9:08 pm  

Words are cheap, so they say,
Yet, when I needed to say what's on my mind,
I couldn't afford it.
Words rang loud in my mind,.
My lips opened to say them,
My ears heard the wrong things,
Words I didn't want to say.


Words are cheap, but mine are gems,
Lay a hold on them and you will become changed.
My eyes roam over and over,
To find the one the words were meant for
Lo, The One was was unaware.
Because all I had was just
A framed picture on the nightstand.


The space between, is a huge wedge,
Distance created a gulf with no way to bridge it,
So I am left with memories of you
And my arms yearning to have you in them,
My pillows get drenched some nights when the bars on them break lose.


You took a piece of me, when you left,
Keep it safe till we find our way to us.
Destiny always makes our path cross.
But I am afraid, I have used up my chances,
Because this is 4th of July, destiny must have changed her mind.
You changed me and now you are all I see.


I Break inside me because, I never told you.
Words are cheap, but mine are gems
But I never gave you the rare gift.
Especially those few moments we
Spent in each other's company.
I could still perceive your perfume
On my shirt,
The shirt is old and worn,
It still remains my favorite of all.


Star sign, Sagittarius, the bow man,
Oh how you shot through my heart
With those looks you shot my way,
When you thought I wasn't looking.
Your imperfections blend perfectly with mine.
Can we get another chance?
Let's start again, but this time,
No bars, no holding back.
For now, I tuck myself in my duvet
Your photo, the last thing my eyes held,
Before dreams claimed me.


- Victoria Ukpaka

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