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The choristers suddenly stopped singing. Instant silence fell on the gathering of believers and no one could move as he stepped into the church. His hair was so long that it covered his eyes. His entire body was adorned with different scars and tattoos. His face didn't have any specific expression written on it yet all that looked at him cowered in fear. This must be Makanaki, for who else dared enter the church mid service with a rifle strapped to his back.


Makanaki was dreaded all over town because of his ferociousness. One could say he was someone that never wilted in the face of adversity. Well, that could be because he was the one who often times created the situations that led to such adversity. 

Makanaki grew up in the streets. He rose to prominence when he created a cult comprising of boys his age and went against the Lord of the dark, Kimolo. Lord of the dark was the title given to the person who was at the top of the food chain in the ghetto. The battle between those two shook the very foundations of the community.


The battle continued for quite a while making both sides to grow thin both in strength and numbers. They met each other for a one versus one fight at the plain of conflict to end the war. Makanaki and Komolo both had diabolical powers that ensured they were virtually impenetrable. However, Makanaki was physically stronger and he succeeded in flooring Komolo. He however continued beating Komolo and only stopped when Komolo became unconscious. 


Komolo was rushed to the hospital by an unknown man. It seemed as though he was still going to die anyway, as no needle that the doctors used could penetrate his skin. They had to bring a medicine man to deactivate his powers before his wounds were treated. Wondrously, he survived and in three months he was discharged from the hospital. His actions after recovering made everyone believe that he had become a changed man. He even went as far as congratulating Makanaki on his victory and they had the first of many dinners together.


After about seven months of his discharge, Komolo betrayed Makanaki, stabbing him in the chest with a huge dagger. Makanaki went into coma and even  many thought or perhaps hoped that he would die. For whilst Komolo had the heart of a tyrant, Makanaki's heart had equal footing with that of the devil.


The community was just getting used to life without both men. Komolo had died last month from unknown causes and it had been six months since Makanaki went into coma. So, one could only imagine the expression of disbelief and fear in the eyes of the congregation at the sight of Makanaki, Lord of the dark making his way to the altar.



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